Our Stories

What stories do arts and cultural organisations want and need to share about the value of their work? How has the Relative Values methodology helped arts and cultural organisations to tell their stories?

Below we have shared our theoretical framework for the project, the different ways we have put these theoretical principles into practice, and also some of the results we have achieved through partnership and collaboration with arts and cultural organisations. 

Our ambition has been to support artists and cultural organisations to build their research capacity, better understand why their work matters, refine their practice and engage in more effective dialogue with policy makers. Below are some testimonies from young cultural producers who participated in the research about the impact of Relative Values II on their work and communities. 

from Juliana Mello,

I learned techniques to measure my own performance better, in the work I do in my territory.

from Karla Suarez,

I can say for certain, this is a one-way road. From now on, I will never be able to think about producing a project without considering how to measure its results and impacts.

from Isabela Silva,

I realised that what I did, what I do, inside Borel [the community], is much bigger than I imagined

from Jean Azuos,

It was a very rich space of huge possibilities and personal development.